Could GDPR be the next PPI?

Well, we love a few acronyms (or are they acrostics?) in our industry! I was talking with someone the other day, and we ended up on the subject of PPI and those irritating calls you get. Seems they are dying out a bit which, in my book, is no bad thing. I used to amuse myself by trying to keep them on hold as long as possible – my record was more that seven minutes…

Anyway, I digress! What are all these people going to do once the PPI gold rush is over? I reckon the new wave will be PPI-style organisations cold-calling you and offering to sue the companies that are in the public domain for having suffered a breach. Call me cynical but I could totally see someone hacking into an organisation and then having the temerity to offer to sue on behalf of the people whose information they have found!

Best get your house in order before May 2018, I reckon – let’s not give this PPI scourge the chance to spread…


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