Cloud’s my first, my last, my everything…

Or at least that’s the approach some people seem to be taking! I liked this article in Computing from last week – I’m definitely in agreement with the sentiments. I’ve always thought the ‘Cloud Bigot’ approach was the wrong one. I guess it comes down to my preferred approach to ‘solutioneering’ any IT problem – start with the business need and work back from there.

Cloud is a delivery route, a way of paying for IT as a service, a consumption mechanism, a way of offloading elements of IT you don’t want to run or that don’t have strategic value, a way of starting small and building up. It’s not a solution in and of itself, in my opinion.

I’ve always thought the best way to do it is to work out what solves the problem – and worry about the consumption model afterwards. Of course, these days, even if there’s a directive for Opex over Capex, most solutions can be financed – and many vendors have at least a ‘pay as you grow’ option, even if not ‘pay as you go’.

Anyone disagree?


One Response to “Cloud’s my first, my last, my everything…”

  1. Kevin Bland Says:

    I totally agree, Sam.

    I always think about how consumer trends lead to business trends…or perhaps how consumers are quicker to adopt trends than business. Think Smartphones, mobile email, netbooks, and just about any Apple Device you can name.

    In the ‘Cloud’ world I believe there is no better example of this shift, at a consumer level, than Netflix.

    The move from physical media to storing it yourself on a hard disk to not managing it at all. From ‘buying and owning’ to renting a service that gives you access to a library, not a specific movie or show.

    Oh How our consumer-minds have shifted towards pay monthly as quickly as we embraced credit in the 80s!

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