Two kills three?

I was interested to hear this week of the probably demise of 3D TV. I can’t say it surprises me – it’s a bit of fun at the cinema but I can’t see the attraction myself at home. Admittedly that’s mostly because I wear glasses already and putting the 3D ones over the top isn’t ever so comfortable and just feels damned weird. It seems a waste of contact lenses just to pop them in to watch a film!

It got me thinking, though. I reckon what has really killed 3D is the ‘second screen’ phenomenon. I mean, when do you ever sit down and watch something without snacking on your email, fiddling about on social media, or looking at property or car porn? My personal addiction is Autotrader – drooling over what I could buy if someone would pay me good money for a kidney. Obviously doing this while wearing Roy Orbison’s shades isn’t the easiest thing. Am I alone in this supposition?


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