SqueezeBox and AirPlay

I’ve been using SqueezeBox by Logitech for some years to distribute my music all around the house. I use a NetGear ReadyNas in the study, and have a SqueezeBox receiver in the kitchen, lounge and bedroom, and either the remote or iPeng for iPhone or iPad to control it. It’s pretty damn good, especially since I upgraded my wireless network from the standard Sky router.

I’ve been watching the Apple AirPlay thing with interest, especially because my wife gets annoyed with the noise the NAS box makes in the study. If we could stream music straight from iPhones or iPad, I could just turn the NAS on to run a backup (yes, I do back up my home stuff! More people should!).

I gather Apple charge a licensing fee (I heard $4) for each AirPlay device. If anyone out there from Logitech is listening, I’d happily pay a small upgrade fee to cover this functionality….


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