The One Plan to rule them all

I’m a big fan of what the mobile phone network Three are doing with their One Plan. Unlimited data, inclusive of tethering, shows they have an enlightened view of the way the world of mobile devices and data may be going. They’ve encouraged Skype, Messenger etc for some time. I’ve been using a MiFi for the last year or so with my iPad and MacBook and it is flawless.  Now that you get WiFi tethering in IOS 4.3, I think I am going to move to the One Plan and use that instead.

It got me thinking, though, about the number of SIMs and contracts we have and are likely to have, as more and more devices are connected via mobile data. In our household, off the top of my head there are two phones, a MiFi, a Kindle, a satnav – all of which have SIMs and data connections. If I hadn’t had to get the iPad as soon as it came out, I would probably have a 3G one of those too. Add into the mix the likelihood of connected cars and other devices, and I could well imagine that each of us could have four or five SIMs and potentially contracts to manage (inclusive data on the Kindle and satnav notwithstanding).

Wouldn’t it be good to be able to have a single plan with multiple SIMs across many different devices?


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