Gosh what a lot of cores: Intel E7000 boxes coming

Today, the Softcat team are out in force at the HP Gold Partner event in Gaydon. There’s an Intel stand here, and I had to share what they were showing off:

So what is it? It’s the processor graphic for the latest Intel server processor – E7xxx – which comes out next week. 10 cores, and it will go in the four-socket boxes (DL580 and 980 in HP parlance). This means that it delivers 40 cores in a box- plus hyperthreading. So 80 threads in a single box.
Not only that, but it will support 2 Tb of memory – importantly with no speed drop. There’s also be built-in encryption with next to no overhead.
Think about it- VDI, OLTP, gaming, heavy virtualisation, finance where the database needs encrypting… Impressive stuff.

New lab box anyone?


2 Responses to “Gosh what a lot of cores: Intel E7000 boxes coming”

  1. Gabi Says:

    Only a true geek could appreciate such a thing 🙂

    Awesome stuff, specially on really heavy virtualisation!!

    Wonder how much one of these bad boys are on a DL580!

    • samroutledge Says:

      I don’t know how much it will be; I would imagine we will know more after the official launch on Monday. Not cheap I would have thought, but you are right – for pervasive, heavy-duty virtualisation loads it could be fantastic!

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