Fourth Dimension for Foursquare?

I’m not quite sure why, but I quite enjoy the whole Foursquare thing. Not many people are doing it in the UK, and there doesn’t seem to be any particular benefit.  But hey, it is a bit of fun! I’m trying to persuade our consultancy team to use it so it’s easier to know at a glance where everyone is (maybe there needs to be a corporate Foursquare?)

One thing that really irritates me however is at a train station, where lots of people have added and checked in to loads of different-timed trains.So what I am suggesting is that Foursquare adds a ‘fourth dimension’, time, and gives people the opportunity to check in to particular trains (and buses etc I guess) at particular times. Perhaps a 10 minute window?

One of the best places (or times) to know when you are in the same place as a friend is on a lengthy journey. It would be great. Can’t be that much development, can it? I came across Minglebird which will allow you to check in with people… Next step time!


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