iPhone 4 ‘No Service’

I got back from VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) in Orlando early Saturday morning. After suffering AT&T (I see now why Americans are so excited about getting iPhone on a second carrier), I was keen to let the family know when I was going to make it home.

Unfortunately, my iPhone wouldn’t connect to O2. It was stuck on ‘searching…’:

Phone home?

I did the old ‘turn it off, turn in back on again’. No dice. Resetting the network settings didn’t work either. It was connecting to wireless just fine. I like to think of myself as someone who can fix these things, so I was getting a bit annoyed. In my frustration, I tapped the ‘Automatic’ button under Carriers repeatedly, four or five times. As if by magic, up popped a list of the UK networks – I tapped O2 and there I was.

So if that happens to you, give it a go…


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