How to win the tablet war…

Up until now, there has really been very little competition for my beloved iPad. I guess the Galaxy Tab is probably the closest… I’m pleased to see that the HP WebOS tablet looks good, although the price has yet to be revealed, it doesn’t sound like it will have 3G, and it probably won’t be out until the summer. All the same I am keen to have a play!

Nokia doesn’t seem to have got anywhere with tablets, despite the fact that the Nokia N770 (I think it was) could be considered an early attempt. Who knows, maybe the tie-up with Microsoft will accelerate this!

I’ve just been away at a conference, and it made me think about how a forward-thinking company could win, or at least have a good go. The wireless at this conference was terrible – and without it, my access to email, Twitter etc was severely limited. Meanwhile, my Kindle just worked and I have been able to download a couple of books for the flight back. Wouldn’t it be great if a tablet manufacturer managed to do the whole ‘global 3G’ thing that Amazon have done? Admittedly a tablet will drag a whole lot more bandwidth, but for regular travellers it would be a godsend.

Anyone up for the challenge?


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