My daughter broke my iPad…

Sadly, my daughter dropped my iPad on our kitchen floor today. Smashed the screen good and proper! I use my iPad loads for work, so it got me thinking about organisations pursuing a BYOD strategy. What do you do in this situation to make sure that your employees can keep working? Here’s some ideas:

Have a policy that staff must only use devices that are insured and under warranty?

Keep some spare devices ready?

Stick a thin client on everyone’s desk or on a load of hot desks and provide a virtual desktop of some sort?

BYOD is as much about policy and preparation as technology…Image

Me? I’m a geek, so I have a PlayBook I can use for a bit – but I’ll be getting it fixed ASAP!


UPDATE: my iPad is fixed, so I am back up and running. The service at an Apple store is very slick – you get a replacement device and just down;pad everything from iCloud – assuming you have backed up. In the meantime, I saw a really interesting article on the subject here that summarises the difficulties here:



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