Vendor swag part 1: ‘Clouds’ of smoke

This is part 1 in an occasional series I have been meaning to kick off for a while, showcasing the more interesting pieces of vendor merchandise at conferences and so on. I have to say I am not sure we will better the first one!

This week, I have been away at HP’s Global Partner Summit. One evening I attended a reception for the storage business. The marketing guys had gone crazy as the drinks on offer were branded! I went for a CloudAgile Whiskey Sour, but quite a few people were tucking in to 3PARtinis… At the end of the reception, they handed out a gift bag. Inside, was a HP Storage branded cigar, a CloudAgile branded lighter and a cigar cutter. Amazing! Anyone seen anything cooler than that from a vendor?

Clouds of smoke

Not something I will make use of myself, but if any of our wonderful customers want it, drop me a line!


One Response to “Vendor swag part 1: ‘Clouds’ of smoke”

  1. burkejamie Says:

    Like it very much and glad to see HP are really embracing the health conscious times we live in.

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