Whither now, WebOS? Up the Amazon?

I’m really sad about HP shutting down WebOS hardware – I was hoping the TouchPad would be serious competition for the iPad. Looks like it hasn’t worked out that way. I guess it just took a bit long, and then maybe my hopes or expectations were too high.

Lots of speculation about where WebOS will end up and whether it will be sold or licensed. I don’t know any better than the rest of you, but I reckon Amazon are a decent contender. Why?

  • They are a consumer-facing and -focused organisation
  • They already build and ship their own (successful) hardware
  • Plenty of rumours about a forthcoming Amazon tablet
  • They have a content ecosystem – Amazon MP3 and cloud delivery, TV and film content, LoveFilm…
  • They have a cloud platform and therefore direct access to developers…
It feels to me like it could round out what Amazon have, maybe to challenge Apple in the tablet and content market. What do you think?

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