Login issues with Mac OS X Lion

As a geek, I had to do it. I know you are supposed to wait for the first service pack, or at least until they iron out the bugs. So as soon as it was available, I installed OS X Lion. Pretty good overall to be honest. I’m not sure I have worked all the new tips and tricks into my workflow yet, but overall I like it.

Recently, though, I have developed an issue whereby I am unable to log in to applications – in particular the official Twitter app (probably a productivity advantage!) and Citrix (definitely not a productivity advantage!). I tried all sorts, including deleting the apps and reinstalling (nice and easy from the app store of course!).

I must admit I was getting a bit frustrated. However, tonight I decided to fiddle with network locations – not something I was actively using, to be honest. I deleted the network locations I had, and added a new one – hey presto, I can log in again.

Don’t ask me why it works (hey, if you know why, please tell me in the comments!), but it did. So you know what to try if you have the same problem!


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