HP Notebook Roadmap Session

It’s a Friday, so I thought I would share some photos. We had the HP/ Intel bus in at Softcat this morning, showing off their latest range of notebooks and going through some roadmaps with our account managers. HP are to be commended on sharing this stuff – one of the pieces of feedback we get regularly from customers is that they feel vendors let them down in terms of visibility on when a line will change. If you need to know about HP roadmap – ask your Softcat account manager!

The bus itself is quite impressive; I wonder if I could borrow it for the summer festival season – can you imagine turning up at Glastonbury in something like that? It would put my 1976 VW Camper to shame…


2 Responses to “HP Notebook Roadmap Session”

  1. Greg Morley Says:

    Nice bus! Where on earth did it find parking at Softcat 😉

    Silicon Graphics visited the University of Cape Town campus in the mid-90’s in a shiny purple bus with the same extendable sides. Some of their demo kit was also ahead of its time: first 64-bit workstation CPU in the SGI Iris Crimson. I seem to remember they also showcased a couple of other workstations: Indigo2 and Indy, plus rendering software.

    • samroutledge Says:

      We banned everyone from parking in those spaces – plus it got here damn early! Cisco have their own version of the bus – the ‘NOW’ bus. NOW, of course, stands for ‘Network On Wheels’….

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