Chopping the spaghetti

My friend, and Microsoft technology evangelist John Westworth posted this blog recently about cloud silos and the new spaghetti infrastructure. I guess the implication is that organisations should, where possible, take the full cloud stack from a large vendor (such as Microsoft).

It feels to me as if this suggestion slightly sidelines the role of the channel. Let’s face it, we (resellers, SIs etc) have always integrated software (frequently and to a large degree from Microsoft), hardware and components of stacks from different vendors in order to (and this is the important bit) meet our customers’ business requirements. I don’t see this being significantly different in the cloudy world. We will have to evolve of course, but I am certain that there is a role for the channel partner as cloud broker, cloud service delivery manager, cloud integrator, cloud migrator… Not every organisation wants to deal with the vendors directly – there will be a service play around Cloud, of that I am certain.


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