Will more WiFi drive centralised computing?

I’m interested (and not a little pleased) to hear that there seems to be a lot going on around WiFi at the mo – with O2 planning to offer it for free, Virgin thinking about it, and Sky (probably) buying The Cloud. With 3G still not being quite up to speed (whilst I love my Three MiFi, and connectivity is almost universal, O2 still seem to struggle), I wonder if this will help accelerate demand for remote access and therefore centralised computing (VDI, terminal services et al).

My feeling would be that as people get more and more used to pervasive connectivity, they will be more and more demanding around access to work systems. I’m sure one day all our corporate apps will be delivered from the cloud, but in the meantime I reckon we will see more companies centralise their desktops as a way-point on this journey…

Let’s just hope the signal’s strong enough…


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