Thoughts on the iPad so far

So I’ve been using the iPad in anger for a couple of weeks now, and I thought I’d share my thoughts so far. First things first- I love it! Very comfortable, easy to use, brings a bit of enjoyment to routine tasks just because of the way it is such a pleasure to interact with. You kind of have to see it and play with it to appreciate it- but everyone who does, wants one!

Form factor – ideal for work on the go, particularly on a train. Much easier than a laptop to use in such situations, and it is incredibly portable. I cycle to and from work when I don’t have to be in a suit, and I have been leaving my laptop at work – the weight saving is worthwhile!
Mail- really a step above email on the iPhone and of course the fact that it is larger helps. For someone like me who lives in email it works well.
Windows- yes, really! One of the best apps is the Citrix client, which enables you to ‘run’ Windows or Windows apps on the iPad (if your company has such a set up). It works very well and has the wow factor, particularly when you use your iphone as a tack pad!
Keyboard- I reckon I can type about as fast on the virtual keyboard as I can on a real notebook keyboard. Admittedly I am not the fastest typist, but it is more than adequate.
Mifi- I have the wireless model as the 3G one is not available- it works very well with a Three Mifi.

No iWork- this isn’t out in the UK yet and until it is available it can’t quite replace the laptop… Hopefully soon though!
Fingerprints- it does get grubby, especially as EVERYONE wants a go.
No iBooks- although the Kindle reader works well and for me (as a voracious reader) it is as good an ebook device as I need.

From an IT perspective, I think you are going to have to get used to supporting this device, I’m afraid. People will want one – and actually it could make your team more productive (or at least work outside of key work hours!). It’s worth thinking about your policy, as corporate info could end up on it easily through note-taking, emails etc. Maybe it’s worth considering a Bring Your Own Computer strategy and let your employees use what they want?


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