Next Generation Desktops?

It seems me that there is a bit of a ‘perfect storm’ around desktops at the minute:

  • The ‘credit crunch’ means that everyone is looking at reducing costs, and desktops are always under the spotlight.
  • The ‘credit crunch’ has also meant that many people have put off upgrading devices for some time
  • Whilst VDI might be the latest industry buzzword, it has at least reignited conversations around server-based computing
  • And of course there’s a lot of fuss around Windows 7 (hey, we’re halfway through rolling it out internally at Softcat!

The upshot of all this is that there are a lot of IT departments who want to, or need to, upgrade their desktop estates – but who don’t want to do it the same way again!

Perhaps this could best be referred to as delivering ‘desktops as a service’ – or provisioning users rather than physical devices. The basic premise is managing desktops through separation of the hardware, operating system, applications, profile and data. Today the options for ‘doing desktops differently’ are primarily based on some form of desktop virtualisation (I’m not talking about pure hosted virtual desktops, rather encouraging people to look again at the desktop and application delivery technologies available) or through the use of a client management tool such as AltirisFrontrange, SCCM or KACE. I’m also following with interest the developments around client hypervisors (Brian Madden writes intelligently about this approach here) – that could be the best of both worlds and a simple approach to deploying desktops in a very straightforward manner.

How are you going to be ‘doing desktops differently’ through 2010, Windows 7 and beyond?

Update (19/3/2010) we are running an event on exactly this subject. Registration will be available shortly here.


3 Responses to “Next Generation Desktops?”

  1. Dan Smith Says:

    Or just buy Nasstar Hosted Desktop through Softcat

  2. Coming soon: client hypervisors « Sam Routledge's Blog Says:

    […] the next six months, of ‘client hypervisors’. As I mentioned in my earlier post about ‘Next Generation Desktops’, we’re seeing a lot of interest from people looking to change the way they ‘do’ […]

  3. Technology@Work Takeaways « Sam Routledge's Blog Says:

    […] was another area, and one which has interested me for some time. The story echoed my post on Next Generation Desktops, but suffice it to say that the computing environment of tomorrow will be a little different. […]

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